Zyliss Grapefruit Tool

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It can be a bit of a faff trying to peel and prepare your grapefruit for breakfast or a fruit salad without making a mess of it, and there‚Äôs nothing worse than getting a squirt of stinging juice in your eye as you attempt to separate the fruit from its rind. However, the Zyliss ‘Twist & Scoop’ Citrus Tool that I designed helps address these problems.

First, cut your grapefruit in half and use the built-in corer to make it easier to release the segments, then get to work with the curved stainless steel blade to cut through the pith and cleanly segment your grapefruit and scoop out the pieces without an unfortunate ocular incident.

The curved, double-sided stainless steel blade makes short work of cleanly cutting your grapefruit into whole segments ready for scooping out, and comes with a cover for safe storage.

The built-in corer in the comfortable handle makes for easy release of your grapefruit segments. Just push it in, twist and lift out the core.